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The Resolution Foundation is an independent think tank based in the United Kingdom, focusing on ordinary people’s living standards. It was founded in 2005 and is led by Chief Executive Torsten Bell. The foundation’s mission is to improve the living standards of those on low to middle incomes and ensure that economic growth benefits are shared more fairly.
The foundation researches various topics, including the labour market, welfare, housing, and public services. It produces policy recommendations designed to promote a fairer and more inclusive society. The foundation also delivers analysis and commentary on current issues and works with policymakers, business leaders, and civil society groups to promote evidence-based policymaking.
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The Foundation has developed a range of innovative programs, such as its Living Standards Audit, which provides an independent, evidence-based assessment of the UK’s economic performance and the impact of policy on people’s lives. The foundation also has several policy initiatives, such as its Low Pay Commission, which works to ensure that the minimum wage is fair and effective.
The Resolution Foundation is also involved in many campaigns and initiatives, such as its Living Wage campaign, which seeks to ensure that employees have secure and fair pay. The foundation also provides young people the right opportunities to enter the labour market and develop their skills.

Characteristics of the Resolving-Foundation Architecture

The Resolution Foundation is an independent think tank that champions better living standards for everyone in the UK. It works to improve the lives of people on low to middle incomes by increasing their wages and tackling the cost of living. The organization is dedicated to creating a fairer society and a more robust economy.

The Resolution Foundation provides research and policy analysis to inform decision-makers, the media, and the wider public. Its research focuses on the labour market, living standards, welfare reform, and housing. It also provides recommendations for making the UK fairer and more prosperous.

The Foundation’s policy agenda includes advocating for a higher minimum wage, better enforcement of employment rights, fairer tax and benefit systems, and policies to tackle the housing crisis. It also improves the quality and quantity of work available to low-paid workers.

The Foundation is actively involved in various public policy debates and works with multiple organizations to ensure that critical decision-makers hear its research and recommendations. It also runs a range of initiatives to engage people in the discussion around living standards and economic progress.

The Resolution Foundation is an essential voice in the economic and social justice debate, and its research and policy analysis are highly respected. It is one of the leading organizations in the UK working to promote fairer living standards for everyone.

Advantages of Resolution Foundation

The Resolution Foundation is an independent think tank that works to improve the living standards of those in the UK. It focuses on the living wage, childcare costs, inequality, regional economic growth, and housing affordability.

One of the main advantages of the Resolution Foundation is that it is an independent organization, which means that political or corporate interests do not influence its research findings and policy recommendations. This means that its research is impartial, unbiased, and reliable.


The Resolution Foundation also has a vast network of experts and specialists who use their knowledge and experience to provide evidence-based solutions to the problems faced by people in the UK. This means that their recommendations are based on the best available evidence, which is essential if interventions are to be effective.


The Resolution Foundation also provides detailed information about the UK economy and society, which can be used to inform policy decisions. For example, their research has shown that the UK is facing a crisis in living standards, with too many people unable to afford the basics. This information is invaluable when creating policies that can improve people’s lives.


Finally, the Resolution Foundation is committed to ensuring that its research and policy recommendations are accessible to all. They provide reports and briefings in multiple formats, including print, digital and audio, so anyone can access their research and put it into practice.


Overall, the Resolution Foundation is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in improving people’s living standards in the UK. Its research is impartial, its experts are knowledgeable, and its publications are accessible, making it an invaluable resource for policymakers, researchers, and citizens.

What does this Resolution Foundation do?

The Foundation’s research focuses on understanding the financial pressures people face on low to middle incomes and developing policies to support them. It produces reports, briefings, and policy recommendations on various topics, including the national living wage, the housing crisis, access to pensions, and tax credits. It also works with policymakers to create practical solutions to these issues, such as the national living wage, the apprenticeship levy, and the introduction of the Help to Buy scheme.

The Foundation also works with a range of partners to deliver projects that directly impact people’s lives. These include initiatives such as the Universal Credit Pathways Project, which aims to ensure that low-income people can access the benefits they need, and the Money Advice Service, which provides advice and support to those struggling with debt.

The Foundation’s work has significantly impacted the lives of people on low to middle incomes in the UK. It has helped to improve wages, housing, and access to benefits, and its research has informed changes to government policy. It is also working to ensure that the UK’s economic recovery is shared by everyone, not just those at the top.

The Resolution Foundation is an independent thinktank in the UK that works to improve the living standards of people on low to middle incomes. They partner with Learn SAP Access to help bridge the gap between banking technology and the people who use it every day.

Issues faced by Resolution Foundation:

The Resolution Foundation covers a range of policy areas, including living standards, housing, education, health, taxation, and welfare. It mainly focuses on the challenges people in the UK face on low to middle incomes, including those in work and those receiving benefits.

One of the significant issues faced by the Resolution Foundation is low pay. Low pay is defined as earnings below two-thirds of median hourly earnings – currently, around £8.72 per hour – and is a significant issue for many people in the UK. Low pay can lead to poverty, financial insecurity, and debt and significantly impact people’s health and well-being.

Another critical issue faced by the Resolution Foundation is that of insecure work, which includes zero-hours contracts and gig economy work. Insecure work can significantly impact people’s financial security and mental health and lead to greater economic inequality in the UK.

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